Worcester Norton Shooting Club

Club Sunday Programme

1st Sunday in the month

GALLERY RIFLE - Farrington 25yd - This competition is for pistol calibre (e.g. .38/.357” or .44”) underlever rifles with any sights. The course of fire may involve static paper targets and skittles, with bobbers and movers for added variety. The course can require movement to different shooting positions and mandatory reloads. There is an additional class for LBR which is shot after the Lever Action stages are complete.

2nd Sunday in the month

MUZZLELOADING - Farrington 25yd - Rifle event first, then pistols. Courses of fire may include precision, reverse scoring and one shot in each ring (difficult!).

3rd Sunday in the month

MINI-RIFLE - Farrington 25yd - As for gallery rifle, but using semi-auto .22LR rifles. There is an additional class for LBP which is shot after the Mini-Rifle stages are complete.
SPORTING RIFLE - Freeman 50yd - A precision shoot for .22LR sporting rifles, no heavy target barrels. Any sights allowed but the maximum magnification for scopes is 12x.

Last Sunday in the month

PRESIDENTS CUP - Freeman 50yd - A precision shoot for .22LR target rifles. Any sights are allowed with no restriction on scope magnification.
CANNON - Farrington 25yd - Even months, cannon competition.
PRACTICAL SHOTGUN - Cambrai - For any shotgun - pump, semi-auto or even double barrelled if you like a challenge. Any sights allowed.

In Addition

  • If there are 5 Sundays in a month there may be an extra 25yd competition for underlever rifles on the 4th Sunday.
  • At least twice a year there is a 50yd precision shoot for black powder cartridge rifles (BPCR). There are two classes, for original and reproduction rifles, with a minimum calibre of 0.40", using black powder propellent only.

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